The payment engine for peer-to-peer vehicle marketplaces

Improve customer trust and increase revenue by facilitating secure transactions with KeySavvy.

Power vehicle transactions

Online payment

Your customers can complete transactions without ever stepping foot in a bank. Buyers can link their bank account and send money instantly without any transaction limits. After the car is picked up, we transfer funds to the seller via ACH direct deposit.

Fraud prevention

Protect your brand by eliminating title and payment fraud from your marketplace. KeySavvy verifies the identity of both the buyer and seller as well as the seller's ownership of the vehicle. As a licensed dealership, we have access to DMV data and services that enable worry-free transfers of ownership.

Expert customer support

We are experts in private party vehicle transactions and provide buyers and sellers accurate guidance throughout their transaction. We support all 50 states and are continuously improving our internal and customer-facing tools to simplify the process for your customers.

Buyers can pay online

Increase revenue

Differentiate your marketplace

Give buyers and sellers more reasons to use your marketplace by offering services that help them get to the finish line.

  • Improve sell-through by giving both parties confidence in completing a transaction
  • Improve personalization by knowing when customers actually transact

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Flexible integration options

Onboard users seamlessly with our API

Simply refer customers to KeySavvy after they've agreed to a price. Our onboarding pages support query parameters to auto-fill key information like VIN and price. Include UTM parameters so that we can report attribution back to you.


Leverage our API to instantly onboard customers to our transaction flow and provide a streamlined customer experience. Introduce customers to KeySavvy earlier in their journey with messaging targeted to their use case. For example, if a buyer is viewing a vehicle with an existing loan, let them know they'll get a temporary permit.

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