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KeySavvy is the safest way to buy or sell a car privately.

Forget about payment scams when selling to a private buyer. To get started, add your vehicle to KeySavvy.

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Why Use KeySavvy?

KeySavvy protects you from fraudulent vehicle transactions so you can focus on getting the best price.

No Title Fraud

Buyers are guaranteed to receive the title and be able to register the car.

No Payment Fraud

Sellers are guaranteed to get paid. Buyers can pay with a bank account, credit card, or Zelle.

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Our experienced team is here to help you complete your transaction successfully.

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How Does It Work?

When Selling Your Car

When you add your vehicle to KeySavvy, your buyer can pay you online so you avoid the risk of accepting cash or a cashier's check. After we verify their payment, you can hand over the keys and we'll transfer the funds directly to your bank account.

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When Buying a Car

KeySavvy verifies your seller's ownership so you avoid the risk of title fraud that would prevent registration. You can pay your seller with cash, cashier's check, or online with KeySavvy. When you pay with KeySavvy, you can pay with a bank account, credit card, or Zelle.

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Supported Everywhere

Every marketplace. Every vehicle. KeySavvy is the best way to complete your sale.

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Complete Vehicle History and Seller Verification

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KeySavvy goes beyond the typical vehicle history report by verifying your private seller's identity and their ownership of the vehicle. Avoid title fraud when buying a used car from a private seller.

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Frequently Asked Questions

KeySavvy provides a NMVTIS vehicle history report, verifies the identity of the buyer and seller, and checks for loans and liens that would prevent the buyer from registering the vehicle.

CARFAX and AutoCheck provide vehicle history reports, but they don't protect against buyer or seller fraud, or allow buyers and sellers to complete their transaction online.

Unlike payment apps like PayPal and Cash App, KeySavvy verifies the seller's ownership, checks for liens, and verifies the vehicle's title. If the buyer pays with KeySavvy, we guarantee that the buyer will receive a clear title to a vehicle they can legally register.

Even when buyers pay their seller with cash or a cashier's check, we are still able to verify the seller's ownership, check for loans and liens, and verify the title.

Buyers pay a flat fee of $49 to verify their seller's ownership and title. There is no additional fee to pay the seller with KeySavvy.

KeySavvy does not charge a fee for sellers that have their title in hand. If the seller has a loan, KeySavvy charges $99 to pay off the loan as part of the sale. Seller verification is always free to sellers.

The seller and vehicle verification process generally takes 5-10 minutes. If the buyer uses KeySavvy to pay online, we usually approve the transaction within 10 minutes.

KeySavvy collects images of the seller's identification documents as well as a selfie. The photos are compared for facial similarity and data from third-party sources is used to verify other identification elements. We also collect images of their vehicle title and registration and pull vehicle records from their state DMV. If the seller has a loan, we may request additional documentation to verify the payoff status and amount.

No personal data about your seller will be shared.


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