Trust is in our DNA

As a public benefit corporation, our mission is more than a marketing slogan. It's a responsibility.

Our Mission

Reduce fraud, increase convenience, and foster trust between vehicle buyers and sellers.

Our primary goal is to make it safer and easier for people to buy and sell cars. We accomplish this through technology and a company culture dedicated to helping our customers.

We believe that sellers have the right to extract the most value from their vehicle and buyers have the right to purchase at the most affordable price, without sacrificing the security and convenience of a transaction at a dealership.

KeySavvy protects consumers and simplifies the process, allowing everyone equal access to these value propositions. Learn why you should trust KeySavvy with your next sale.

License & Regulation

KeySavvy is a licensed auto dealer in the state of Minnesota. We're regulated by Minnesota Driver & Vehicle Services under license #DLR100357. We strive to exceed all data privacy, security, and consumer protection requirements set forth for dealers. Review our privacy policy.

Our Values

Consumers First and Foremost

We earn trust by doing what's right for consumers. If you were to join a KeySavvy product meeting, you'd almost certainly hear someone ask, "Is this the best possible customer experience?" This question guides our decisions every day.

Utmost Respect for Privacy

Customer data is a privilege and our customers trust us to treat it with respect. We work hard to never betray that trust.

Data-Driven Innovation

We eagerly hypothesize and test new ideas that aim to better serve our customers. By accompanying this data with the right success metrics and anecdotes, we take bold steps that lead to innovative new features and services.

We're serious about trust

Learn why KeySavvy is the safest and most secure way to buy and sell private party.

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