Why is KeySavvy better than escrow for car sales?

KeySavvy guarantees buyers get a clear title and sellers get paid. Pay online and e-sign your bill of sale. All on your phone.

How does it work?


Verify your identity

Both the buyer and seller verify their identity with KeySavvy. We also verify title and registration to guarantee a worry-free transfer of ownership.

Buyer pays online

Buyers can pay online with ACH (direct debit), Zelle, credit card, or a wire transfer. Buyers pay a flat fee of $49.



Exchange keys

The buyer and seller meet to exchange keys. If the vehicle is being shipped, you can arrange delivery with a common carrier.

Seller gets paid

Once the buyer receives the car, KeySavvy pays the seller via direct deposit (ACH). KeySavvy is free for sellers unless they have a loan.


Simple, flat fees


$49 flat fee


$0 transaction fee
$99 loan payoff fee
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Frequently Asked Questions

Buyers pay a flat fee of $49 to verify their seller's ownership and title. There is no additional fee to pay the seller with KeySavvy. When financing the purchase with your own bank or credit union, we charge an additional $49.

KeySavvy does not charge a fee for sellers that have their title in hand. If the seller has a loan, KeySavvy charges $99 to pay off the loan as part of the sale. Seller verification is always free to sellers.

Similar to escrow services like Escrow.com, KeySavvy collects payment from the buyer and pays the seller when the buyer picks up the car. Since KeySavvy is a licensed dealer, we can also verify the seller's ownership to protect buyers from title fraud, work with banks to pay off the seller's loan, and issue temporary permits so it's legal to drive the car immediately.

Yes, KeySavvy enables you to purchase a vehicle when the seller still has a loan or lien. When buying a vehicle that has a loan or a lien, you must use KeySavvy to pay online (you cannot use cash or a cashier's check).

In a typical private party sale, you would not be able to legally purchase or register a vehicle unless the seller has already paid off the loan. Because KeySavvy is a licensed dealer, we can handle the loan payoff and sale as part of the purchase process, and issue a temporary permit that allows you to legally drive the car.

Unlike payment apps like PayPal and Cash App, KeySavvy verifies the seller's ownership, checks for liens, and verifies the vehicle's title. If the buyer pays with KeySavvy, we guarantee that the buyer will receive a clear title to a vehicle they can legally register.

Even when buyers pay their seller with cash or a cashier's check, we are still able to verify the seller's ownership, check for loans and liens, and verify the title.

Yes, in order to register your car, you will need to pay taxes and registration fees to your state. In some cases, KeySavvy will collect taxes and fees when you pay for your vehicle. If KeySavvy does not collect taxes and fees, the DMV will collect them when you register the vehicle.

Yes, KeySavvy will issue you a full refund if you paid for a car but never received it from the seller.

Yes, KeySavvy supports cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers, RVs, snowmobiles, and ATVs! As long as the vehicle is titled in the United States, we can verify the seller's identity, check for loans and liens, and allow buyers to pay online. When buyers pay with KeySavvy, we guarantee buyers will receive a clear title and sellers will get paid.

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