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KeySavvy enables private party sales to qualify for the EV tax credit. Use this tool to determine if your EV is eligible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Private party sales are not normally eligible for the EV tax credit, unless you use KeySavvy.

Normally, the seller must be a licensed dealership. When you use KeySavvy to buy an EV, you're buying from a licensed dealership, so your purchase will qualify, if all other requirements are met.

Yes! According to, Teslas are now eligible for the Used Clean Vehicle Tax Credit, as long as all other eligibility criteria are met.

The maximum tax credit is 30% of the purchase price, up to $4,000. The credit also cannot exceed your total income tax liability for the year.

You claim the EV tax credit when you file your federal income tax return. For purchases in 2023, you would claim the tax credit when you file your taxes in early 2024.

No, the buyer must be a person.

Yes. The buyer's modified adjusted gross income in the current year or the prior year must be less than:

  • $150,000 for married filing jointly
  • $112,500 for heads of households
  • $75,000 for all other filers

View the full criteria on the IRS Used Clean Vehicle Tax Credit page.

You can only claim the used EV tax credit once every 3 years.

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