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You sold your car (or are about to sell your car). Congrats! While the hard part is over, there are a few things you should take care of right away. Select the state your car was registered in and learn what to do after selling a car.

Where is your vehicle registered?

If your vehicle was registered in a different state than where it was titled, you may want to check both state's requirements.

Select your state so we can provide state-specific information.

What Do I Do With My License Plates?

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Different states have different requirements for what to do with your license plates when you sell your car. Sometimes the plates stay with the vehicle whereas other times they stay with the seller. If you have vanity/personalized plates, in most cases you should keep your plates.

Select your state above for specific guidance.

Report Your Sale to the DMV

Reporting your sale to your state DMV, along with having a signed bill of sale, releases you from being liable for any tolls, parking tickets, or any other violations related to your vehicle. Essentially, this “cancels” your registration with your state. You’ll often need the buyer’s name and address to report the sale, but this information is sometimes optional. Your DMV might call this "Report Your Sale", "Notice of Sale", "Release of Liability", or "Cancel Registration".

Select your state above for specific guidance.

Check If You Can Get a Refund for Any DMV Fees

Some states give sellers a prorated refund on their registration fees. This can be a significant amount in areas with high registration fees. A few states also offer a tax credit when selling private party if you purchase a replacement vehicle within a specified amount of time.

Select your state above for specific guidance.

Cancel Your Insurance

You no longer need insurance for your car. Cancel it and ask for a refund on the prorated amount! Many insurance companies allow you to do this easily online.

Cancel Your Toll Pass

If you have a toll pass, cancel it or transfer it to a different vehicle online.

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