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KeySavvy is a secure and easy way to pay and get paid when buying or selling a car.
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How private party sales should be.

pay online

Pay Online

Buyers can pay sellers online using their bank account. No need to meet at the bank or carry large amounts of cash.

scam protection

Scam Protection

KeySavvy eliminates title and payment fraud by verifying the buyer's identity and the seller's ownership of the vehicle.

help with paperwork

Help With Paperwork

We provide detailed instructions for filling out the title, an e-signed bill of sale, and a temporary permit.

How does it work?

When Selling

Add your vehicle to KeySavvy and we'll give you a link that buyers can use to pay online. After we verify their payment, you can hand over the keys and we'll transfer the funds directly to your bank account.

When Buying

KeySavvy verifies your seller's ownership so you avoid the risk of title fraud that would prevent registration. You can pay your seller with a bank account, credit card, or Zelle.

Supported Everywhere

You can accept payment with KeySavvy on any site. List anywhere (or everywhere) you want.

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Buying an EV? Instantly get 30% off up to $4k.

As a licensed dealer, KeySavvy enables private party sales to qualify for the federal used EV tax credit.

Low, flat fees

$99 transaction fee

$99 transaction fee

Buyers and sellers can split fees equally, or have one party pay all fees. Our fee is paid when the transaction completes -- we never charge a cancellation fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buyers and sellers each pay a fee of $99. If the vehicle has a loan, KeySavvy charges an additional $99 to pay off the loan as part of the sale.

Buyers and sellers can split fees equally, or have one party pay all fees. Our fee is paid when the transaction completes -- we never charge a cancellation fee.

KeySavvy processes transactions as a dealer by buying the vehicle from the seller and selling it to the buyer. This process enables us to verify titles, issue temporary permits and access DMV data that would otherwise be inaccessible.

To process the transaction as a dealer, we need to receive the title from the seller or their lienholder. If the seller has their title, we'll provide detailed instructions for signing and mailing it to KeySavvy. Upon receipt, we'll reassign it to the buyer and ship it with tracking to the buyer's mailing address.

If the seller has a loan and doesn't have their title, we'll mail the seller a power of attorney form and a return envelope. This allows us to sign the title on their behalf when we receive it from the lienholder.

After the seller adds their vehicle to KeySavvy and a buyer accepts their price, verification generally takes 5-10 minutes. If the seller has a loan, we'll contact their lender which can delay a transaction depending on the lender.

Most payments are verified immediately, even on nights and weekends, but can take up to one business day depending on the buyer's bank. If the sale price is greater than $50k, the buyer will be required to pay using a wire transfer. After payment is verified and both parties have e-signed the bill of sale, we usually approve the transaction within 15 minutes.

Some sellers prefer to wait until we receive their title before giving the vehicle to the buyer, but it's not required.

Tips for using KeySavvy when you're in a rush.

Yes! Unlike traditional private party sales, when you buy an eligible used electric or plug-in vehicle using KeySavvy, you may qualify for a tax credit of 30% of the purchase price, up to $4,000.
  • The vehicle must be in the list of eligible vehicles
  • You must be a qualified buyer
  • The purchase price must be $25,000 or less.
  • The vehicle must not have been sold after August 16, 2022 (except to the original owner). We'll help confirm the vehicle's eligibility.

Because the tax credit is partially based on your income, we cannot determine your personal eligibility. Review the IRS Used Clean Vehicle Credit website or consult a tax professional to confirm your eligibility.

Yes! Qualified buyers can apply the full EV tax credit toward the purchase of eligible electric vehicles. When you accept your seller's price on KeySavvy, you can indicate that you plan to apply for the federal used EV tax credit.

How does this work? If the sale price is $25,000 and qualifies for the maximum $4,000 credit, the buyer pays $21,000 to KeySavvy, and the seller receives the full $25,000 (minus our fee). After the buyer picks up the vehicle, the IRS pays us the remaining $4,000 directly.

KeySavvy uses third-party identity verification technology to confirm the seller's identity. We then use a combination of public records, seller-provided information, and DMV records to verify that the seller is the legal owner of a vehicle.

We do not share the seller's personal information with the buyer, and we do not share the buyer's personal information with the seller. However, when a sale is completed, the buyer will receive the current title containing the seller's name and address.

Unlike payment apps like PayPal and Cash App, KeySavvy verifies the buyer's identity and the seller's ownership of the vehicle. We guarantee buyers receive a clear title and sellers get paid. In contrast, PayPal explicitly excludes vehicles from purchase protection.

Other peer-to-peer payment services are primarily intended for smaller transactions between friends and family. They have limits that are much lower than a typical vehicle sale price. KeySavvy has no transaction limit and guides buyers and sellers through the process, including help with all the necessary paperwork and title transfer. As a licensed dealer, we have access to data that enables more thorough verification and helpful services like temporary operating permits.

Yes, KeySavvy generates a bill of sale automatically. Buyers and sellers e-sign this document and can download it from their dashboard at any time in the future. The bill of sale will state that the vehicle is being sold in "as is" condition.

KeySavvy verifies the identity of the buyer and seller, checks for loans and liens that would prevent the buyer from registering the vehicle, and provides a NMVTIS report. If any title brands are present, we'll disclose them to the buyer before they submit payment.

Buyers can purchase additional vehicle history reports directly from CARFAX or AutoCheck.

To use KeySavvy, the vehicle must have a US title and the buyer must have a US address to receive the title. We do not accept international wire transfers (SWIFT), but most Canadian banks can send wires to our US bank.

If the vehicle is being exported outside of the US, the buyer is responsible for complying with any import regulations, paying customs duties, and any other requirements.

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