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This is an actual Vehicle Purchase Guide. The buyer avoided overpaying thousands of dollars for a vehicle that had an undisclosed title brand.

2015 Nissan Leaf


VIN: 1N4AZ0CP4FC326545

To avoid VIN cloning fraud, match the VIN above to the VIN on the vehicle.

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The last reported mileage for this vehicle is 8 miles. The current odometer reading should be higher than this value.

This number can be very low for one-owner cars since the most common time to report mileage is when a vehicle is transferred to a new owner.

Mileage was last reported to Washington on 2/17/2021.

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Title Brands

Title brands found

This vehicle has a branded title. Title brands reduce the value of a vehicle and increase the risk of expensive mechanical problems.

We strongly recommend a pre-purchase inspection before purchasing a vehicle with a branded title.

Use a mechanic you already know and trust, or click here to find certified mechanics near you.

Vehicle History Report

We strongly recommend a pre-purchase inspection from a reputable mechanic for all used vehicle purchases.

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We did not find any liens on this vehicle.

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There is 1 registered owner for this vehicle.

The registered owner must sign the title and Bill of Sale.

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We successfully verified the identity of the registeredowner listed on the vehicle's title or registration.

Cashier's Check

Cashier's checks are a reliable way to pay a seller, but the seller may require meeting you at your bank to verify its authenticity. Most banks charge a small fee for cashier's checks.


We recommend avoiding cash except for very small dollar amounts. Carrying thousands of dollars in cash is risky for both the buyer and seller. Since there is no "paper trail" for cash, it can be difficult to prove you paid for or received payment for a vehicle.

Online using KeySavvy

Pay your selling online with your bank account, credit card, or Zelle. We'll guarantee you receive a clear title and guarantee your seller gets paid. Learn more.

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Vehicle History Report

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Frequently Asked Questions

A lien indicates that another party, such as a bank, mechanic, or government entity, is entitled to some or all of the proceeds when a car is sold. Liens are usually recorded when a vehicle is purchased with a loan. In some cases, a mechanic or a court order may add a lien to a vehicle.

In a typical private party sale, the seller has to pay off the entire loan amount and wait for their title or lien release before they can sell their car. It usually takes several weeks before the lien is released. If you buy a car with a lien, you will not be able to register it.

If you buy with KeySavvy, we pay off the lien as part of the purchase process, after we receive your payment. Because we are a licensed dealer, we are able to register the car so you can legally drive it as soon as we approve the purchase. The seller doesn't have to pay off the entire loan before the sale.

When an insurance company decides damage to a vehicle is great enough that the vehicle should be replaced, it is considered a "total loss". The vehicle's title is then branded as "salvage" and, if an owner repairs it, the title brand can be changed to "rebuilt". Cars with salvage or rebuilt title brands have significantly lower market value than cars with a "clean" title.

That's a tricky question. So tricky, in fact, that we wrote a blog article about it. And if you haven't already, get the Kelley Blue Book value for this 2015 Nissan Leaf (click Build & Price).

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